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JJ, Claire and Bluebell

About Us

Claire, and her family, have been breeders of Labradoodles for over twelve years and are currently the place to go in the country if you want a Labradoodle. Claire’s parents bred Bull terriers and Lakeland terriers when she was a child. When she was six years old she has fond memories of naming one litter of tough Bull terriers after her favourite fairy tale characters.

Claire’s first doggy love was with her childhood pet Ginny, a placid bull terrier. Claire was nine years old when Ginny passed away from Biliary, it was a very sad day. Since then Claire has fallen in love with many pavement specials, a St Bernard, a Maltese, a Staffie, a Labrador, a Lakeland Terrier, a Hungarian Vizsla, a King Charles Spaniel, a Pekingese and many Labradoodles.

Claire and her family are often asked to look after friends and families dogs, from unique mixes to all types of pedigree pooches. Her daughter seems to have inherited her love for animals and has been having private training for the last two years on how to train her dog Bluebell. She was invited to shown off Bluebell and Sweetpea on a catwalk with Miss Universe models and has entered in a few doggy demonstrations over the years winning some prizes.

They enjoy looking after dogs and look forward to meeting and loving many more.