About Us

About Us


Claire, and her family, have been breeders of Labradoodles for over fifteen years and are currently the place to go in the country if you want a Labradoodle. Claire’s parents bred Bull terriers and Lakeland terriers when she was a child. When she was six years old, she has fond memories of naming one litter of tough Bull terriers after her favourite fairy tale characters; Cinderella, Snow-white and Tom Thumb. She probably scarred them for life!


Dogzcreche has been running for nearly 5 years. Last year Claire was joined by her son Alastair, making this a boutique home from home, family business which specialises only in dog daycare. We have a trained team of dedicated, caring, dog handlers whom the visiting dogs adore. Each weekday has naturally resulted in an established pack, with 99% of the visiting dogs attending regular days so they have all got to know each other well, as the weeks go by. When a new dog is introduced it is done in a thoughtful caring way to minimise anxiety. The small dogs are kept separate from the large dogs, in one of the 4 separate zones. Enrichment activities and resting places abound.



The Dogzcreche team really enjoy caring for their daycare dogs and look forward to greeting and loving many more doggos.




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