*Enriching NEW small dog area! Call for more information* 


*We are fully functional and open during these difficult times, and the dogs are loving the change of scenery. We have put in place rigorous checks and safety precautions to keep ourselves and our customers healthy and safe. Happy to address any concerns you may have* 


The pack want to highlight that DogzCreche is not a kennel, it offers luxury boutique daycare in our home. At DogzCreche, where we specialise in doggy daycare, your little bundle of joy will be spending time with us, and we really hope your pooch will quickly begin to regard our home as their second home.


There is constant quality supervision, relaxing music, stimulating treats, a daily massage, brush, plenty of hugs, snugly beds, enrichment toys and activities, basic training and loads of social fun. If a dog could conjure up a spa day it wouldn’t get better than this.


Puppies are our specialty, so please send them along to us. They are welcome to visit once they’ve received all 3 sets of puppy vaccinations.


If your dog comes to us two days or more a week we now offer a free wash and nail clip, let us know on the day you drop off your dog, and we will take care of the rest.


If there is something special that you would like us to do for your doggy then we will try our utmost to accommodate you. Dogzcreche is a luxury service at its best.


Do you work all day? Are you finding that your darling is feeling un-stimulated, suffers from separation anxiety, has issues around boredom or needs regular feeding why not consider DogzCreche? You can join our family for as many, or as little, weekdays as you choose.


Our opening times are on the weekdays from 07:30 until 18:00.


Bluebell, Sweetpea, Peaches and Cloud have arranged to have their owner Claire fetch your darlings, in her car, included in the daily fee. There is no transporting of your precious bundle in cages, they will sit in the back seat alongside their doggy friends. However, if they don’t enjoy travelling then please request a crate. If you would prefer to drop off your little one, then please do so between 07:30 to 09:30.


Collection is anytime but normally from 16:00 to 18:00 when we close. We are happy to drop off your pooches late afternoon, this however will incur an additional cost.


We are closed on the weekends but will happily consider the odd weekend visitor from our regular day care pooches. Please speak to us about holiday cover this gets booked up very early particularly over peak times. Dogs that regularly attend Dogzcreche benefit from this service at a reduced daily holiday rate.


All we ask is that your bundle of joy is socialised, fully inoculated, regularly treated for fleas and is neutered by twelve months of age … if male.


While you are busy making a living wouldn’t it be comforting to know that your darling is being cared for the same way as you would care for them at home?


Please email or call us to arrange your doggo’s trial day. 



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