Puppy daycare memories


Puppy daycare memories

“Once upon a time there was a magical place where puppies got to play with other puppies, in the presence of gentle adult dogs, whilst their human families needed to work.” began Bluebell who was surrounded by a variety of captivated dogs of all ages and breeds.

They do like a good story, Bluebell  thought.

“Remember the last litter of 11 Labradoodle puppies, that you all got to play with?” said Bluebell. “I remember the silver one. That one chewed on my ear,” said Olive, a visiting wire head fox terrier, as she pawed at her ear, in memory of a few months ago. “I was scared and Barnaby was so brave,” said the wide eyed Pug Juno. Bluebell threw her head back and laughed at the memory of Barnaby walking into the midst of 11 pups and Juno cowering behind the door. “Barnaby was only 12 weeks old at that time I think,” said Bluebell looking for confirmation from the Frenchie. “Don’t ask me,” said Barnaby, “I don’t know how old I am now!” He said looking puzzled.

“There was Trompe,” called out Huxley the mini Yorkie. “He was a teacup Maltese and only 10 weeks old. Tiniest dog I ever saw,” said Huxley. In unison the dogs looked down at the minute dog sitting in their midst. “That’s a bit like the kettle calling the pot black,” remarked Luna the Chihuahua.

“There was that Labrador puppy … what was her name again?” asked Jack. Jack, a stunning black and white Collie, had been a visitor of Dogzcreche the longest of them all. “Mmmmmm … Melody” remembered Bluebell. “Yes that’s it … She was bat crazy at first, running all over the place. Then she calmed down.” said Jack. “And remember Toffee the Jack Russel and his sister Butter. Toffee was so tiny, 8 weeks old, when he arrived and played all the time with Pearl. Pearl wasn’t that much older around 3 months then.”  Jack said looking down at his best friend Pearl, the Cockapoo, who was snuggled up against him. Jack had been friends with her from day one. Pearl was the youngest of the resident dogs at Dogzcreche so he was guaranteed to see her each time he visited.

Bluebell dozed off to sleep leaving everyone reminiscing about the puppies that they had all played a part in socialising at Dogzcreche. Her last thought was that she would have to finish her story another time