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Why are Enrichment activities important for your dog?


When our dogs are bored they will invariably look at self-entertainment. This takes many forms; chasing their tail, chewing furniture, barking at every sound, digging in the garden … the list is endless. As pet parents today we have cottoned on to the importance of socialisation and keeping our dogs physically and mentally occupied. Thankfully gone are the days that our pets are left to amuse themselves 24 hrs a day. We send them to a dog day-care, take them on regular walks, they join us on holiday, or to collect the children from school and even accompany us to the local coffee shop. We know that mental stimulation leads to a content pet. One of the best mental stimulation tools that I’ve come across is the Snuffle Mat.


What is a Snuffle Mat?


In my search for mental stimulation tools for my pack I came across the Snuffle Mat. The idea of the mat is to simulate grass, treats are hidden in the strands of fabric and your dog must sniff them out. It is the perfect scavenger hunt for your best friend. When I discovered the Snuffle Mat I was sold … but soon hit a brick wall. Unsuccessful at sourcing any in South Africa my search for one eventually led me to my Upcycling friend, whose life mission is to reduce waste and uplift impoverished communities. We teamed up and are pleased to announce that Snuffle mats are now available in the country and best of all they are produced from waste fabric and made by communities who are in desperate need for work. Each Snuffle mat is washable and is handmade so therefore unique.


How do you place an order?
If you are interested and want to know more or place an order, please email Indicate size, number required and the sex of your dogs (so we can keep in mind colour suitability)


We offer two sizes:
Small Snuffle Mat approx 30 x 22 cm’s at the launch price of R299
Large Snuffle Mat approx 40 x 30 cm’s at the launch price of R399


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Happy Customers!

Justine, Cape Town

She finishes it in about 4 minutes flat. We do scent work at training so she’s brilliant at it. But she gets so excited when she sees her mat. She practically levitates!

Definitely one of the best dog toys I’ve bought!


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